The world leader and revenue generating in self-service solution is a necessity for settings such as hotel lobbies, long-term care facilities, medical waiting rooms, complex offices, airports, and government premises.  It provides internet access and gives customers the opportunity to perform transactions, access their emails, print pictures from their digital images.

Hospitality quest’s abilities in customized design, sophisticated peripheral integration, volume manufacturing, and field services have been exercised far deeper than any industry competitor.

We Provide Standard Kiosks / Market solution Kiosks
  • Financial Kiosks
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Health care
  • Government

Financial Kiosks

The financial services kiosk can provide the ability for customers to perform transactions that may normally require a bank teller and may be more complex and longer to perform than desired at an ATM.

Deplorer Benefits

  •  Cost effective delivery of repetitive transactions (cash, credit, debit, check, change)
  •     Reduced staffing & infrastructure costs
  •     Automated cross-sell presentation, Big Data capture
  •     Improved customer reach and loyalty
  •     Secure encrypted transactions
  •     Faster revenue recognition

Client Benefits

  • Total payment flexibility
  • Real-time confirmation for last minute payments.
  • Proactive financial management (no late fees, service interruptions)
  • Faster service, extended hours, multilingual

Internet Kiosks

This provides public Internet access for fast access to e-mail or web pages.

Healthcare Kiosks  (Conferencing )

Hospitality ability’s ability to leverage standard model enclosure efficiency and integrate highly custom peripherals has provided these clients with exceptionally cost competitive market entry points.

Application specific peripherals such as biometric identification, insurance card scanners, cameras, privacy screens, and payment transaction devices streamline patient and work flow, improve financial performance, ensure HIPAA privacy compliance, and provide patients with dramatically improved service.