Hospitality Quest delivers hotel TV solutions that suit 3 -5 star hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals and other hospitality assets. We offer comprehensive hotel TV solutions which cover the complete process from the projecting to the installation and support.

We are focused on delivering reliable, fast, simple to manage and easy to use hotel TV systems for attractive in-room entertainment, and connective and informative services that are accessible on guests’ TV screens

Our offering includes a wide range of hospitality TV sets and we cooperate with the largest manufacturers within this sector. The Hospitality TV sector is constantly evolving and we believe it is important to be able to offer the most up-to-date technology which encompasses the latest innovations.

Our hotel TVs are the new generation of High Definition (HD) digital interactive television systems for your guest rooms. Offering a powerful and versatile new medium, able to transform the TV into an engaging, personalized experience, designed to inform, communicate with, and entertain your guest.