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Interactive TV systems turn a hospitality TV into a powerful information and marketing tool.  Fully customisable and remotely managed, well-designed systems elevate the guest experience and enhance a hotel’s operational efficiency.  

As technology advances, so does the list of embedded functionalities.  IP based solutions offer extra features such as catch-up TV services and smart apps, and PMS software automates hotel operations, integrates IT systems and enables two-way communication between the guest and hotel.

Systems come in all shapes and sizes and cater just as well for a small boutique property as a global chain of hotels.

In-Room Entertainment: Hotel TVs provide a range of channels, including cable or satellite TV, and may offer premium channels or on-demand movies. The TV may also be integrated with the hotel’s information and services system.

Connectivity: Guests often expect to find ports or wireless options to connect their own devices to the TV, such as HDMI ports or casting options. This enables guests to stream content from their personal devices.

Guests can use Chromecast to access their own content libraries, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. This provides a personalized entertainment experience.

Chromecast relies on a Wi-Fi network for connectivity. Hotels need to ensure a secure network to protect guest privacy and prevent unauthorized access.

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